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Iran, The Journey of Your Life!

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    tahchin, a Pesrian rice cake

    Apart from an amazing taste, it’s a good-looking Iranian food, and that’s why it’s an integral item on the menu of almost every restaurant, party, or formal ceremony in Iran. In Persian, “tah” means “bottom” and “chin” means “arrange”. So, the reason for such naming is that you have to arrange the ingredients and layer ...

    The post Amazing Tahchin, a Persian Rice Cake appeared first on Destination Iran.

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    lut desert in South East of Iran

    During the past few days, Iranian qanats as well as Iran’s Lut desert were registered by UNESCO. Iran has got a lot to offer to the World Heritage, from tangible sites to intangible traditions, beliefs, myths, etc. It’s among the top-10 countries with the most historical attractions. Even more amazing, it’s among the top-5 countries with the most natural attractions too. Iranian Qanats ...

    The post UNESCO Just Registered Iranian Qanats & Iran’s Lut Desert appeared first on Destination Iran.

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    mirza ghasemi, Iranian appetizer

    Travelling to the north part of Iran, specifically Gilan province, Mirza Ghasemi is one of the most popular dishes you hear about. It dates back to Qajar period when Mohammad Ghasem Khan, the governor of Rasht (the capital of Gilan), made this food for the first time. So it was named after him, and gradually, ...

    The post Tasty Mirza Ghasemi, an Iranian Appetizer or Main Course appeared first on Destination Iran.

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  • 07/25/16--05:43: Ahvaz
  • Ahvaz by

    A visit to Ahvaz tourist attractions will make you familiar with some of the most ancient sites and monuments in the entire country. These sites are in Shush (Susa), Shushtar, Dezful, etc. The best way to explore Elamites is to visit Ahvaz ...

    The post Ahvaz appeared first on Destination Iran.

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    Morassa Polo, Delicious Persian Food

    Morassa Polo is one of the best options for serving in formal ceremonies or parties especially weddings. “Morassa” means “jeweled” and “polo” refers to the cooked rice. In fact, the use of colorful ingredients in this Persian food is the reason for such naming. It dates back to Safavid period when Morassa polo was innovated. At ...

    The post Morassa Polo, a Persian Food Best Cooked in Shiraz appeared first on Destination Iran.

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    An Image of Darvish Khan Stone Garden

    There are some dark tourism sites in Iran that could attracts their fans to Iran. Such places create the same type of feeling and enthusiasm in their fans they’re looking for. As a reader of Iran tourism news and attractions, I’d never talked about it at Destination Iran. This is the first time I write about them. ...

    The post 6 Incredible Dark Tourism Sites in Iran to Visit on Your Next Tour appeared first on Destination Iran.

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    Interior of Sheikh Safi al-Din Shrine

    Shah Ismail ascended to power in early 16th century and founded Safavid dynasty in North West of Iran. He and his successors were the followers of a Sufi who had died three centuries before their time, but had kept his popularity and respect among the people. The World Heritage Site I’m going to explain here is ...

    The post Explore Sheikh Safi al-Din Khangah & Shrine Ensembles in Ardabil appeared first on Destination Iran.

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    Shirazi salad, an Iranian appetizer

    As the name reveals, Shirazi Salad is originated from Shiraz, capital of Fars province, southwest Iran. It’s mainly considered a refreshing dish during hot summers of Iran although served with many Iranian foods all year round. It’s one of the most popular green salads among Iranians which is very easy and convenient to make. It has ...

    The post How to Prepare Tasty Shirazi Salad, An Iranian Appetizer appeared first on Destination Iran.

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    Kookoo Sabzi, a Quick Vegetarian Iranian Dish

    With a tempting aroma and flavor, it comes from a large family called Kookoo with eggs as the basic ingredient. And Sabzi means herbs in Persian. So, Kookoo Sabzi is an egg based vegetarian Iranian dish. If you don’t have enough time but you want to prepare something enjoyable to eat, this recipe would be ...

    The post Kookoo Sabzi, a Quick Vegetarian Iranian Dish appeared first on Destination Iran.

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    Music of Bakhshis of Khorasan

    The music of Bakhshis of Khorasan is considered the cultural identity of the people of this region. It can be very fascinating to come to know and understand this type of music for the researchers, tourists and music lovers.

    The post Music of the Bakhshis of Khorasan, Registered by UNESCO appeared first on Destination Iran.

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    Koofteh Tabrizi - Iranian Meatball

    This traditional dish is one of the specialties in Iranian cuisine. As the name reveals, this Iranian dish is originated in Tabriz, the capital of East Azerbaijan province, northwest of Iran. What makes Koofteh Tabrizi one of a kind among all other Iranian foods is not just the ingredients but the way it gets prepared ...

    The post Koofteh Tabrizi, Gigantic Meatballs, an Iranian Delicious Dish appeared first on Destination Iran.

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    Naqqali and reciting Shahnameh has always been a common and favorite tradition among Iranians as a branch of performing arts and story-telling. Shahnameh is the world’s longest epic poem book created by a single poet, Ferdowsy, the famous Iranian poet of 10th & 11th centuries, who save the Persian language and identity by this book. ...

    The post Naqqali, the Intangible Iranian Cultural Heritage of Dramatic Story-Telling appeared first on Destination Iran.

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    Ash-e Reshteh , Iranian Thick Soup

    Before I explain Ash-e Reshteh, I must mention this point that what’s called Ash in Iranian cuisine is a food looking like a thick soup, mainly consisting of herbs and legumes. It’s the same for Ash-e Reshteh. What’s more here is reshteh, a kind of Persian noodle. This soup is one of the most delicious, ...

    The post How to Cook Ash-e Reshteh, The Vegetarian Iranian Soup appeared first on Destination Iran.

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    TAziye artists performing in red

    The ritual dramatic art of Taziye is an intangible cultural heritage of Iranians registered by UNESCO. It’s a traditional type of Iranian –Shiite drama often performing the sad stories related to the Passion of Prophet Mohammad’s Ahl al-Bayt (close relatives) and martyrdom of Shiites’ third Imam, Hossein. In fact, Taziye is the outcome and legacy ...

    The post Unique Ritual Dramatic Art of Taziye among Iranians appeared first on Destination Iran.

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